Counselling in Beverley

Counselling in Beverley

Counselling in Beverley town centre, East Yorkshire, 5 minutes from the bus and train stations

Counsellor & Psychosexual Therapist

Counselling in Beverley town centre, East Yorkshire, 5 minutes from the bus and train stations


If you are reading this you are probably struggling right now. Your difficulties may be causing you to feel anxious, depressed or very unhappy. I hope I can help you. Whatever you are struggling with I think it always helps to talk to someone, someone who will listen and not judge, who will not think you are being silly, but who will validate your feelings and if needed help you to find ways to deal with your issues to enable you to feel better.

I have been counselling for 25 years (I know… I don’t look old enough! lol), working with Relate and in private practice.

Having had some counselling myself, I am of the strong opinion that it is important to feel completely comfortable and at ease with the counsellor whom you choose to let into your very private world. I promise to treat you with the utmost respect and will not judge you, criticise you or shame you in any way… (I just hate it when someone does that to me!) I will listen with my heart as well as my ears 🙂

You have already taken a very courageous step in the right direction by seeking help. If you think I may be able to help you then feel free to contact me. If I can’t help you I will do my best to signpost you to someone who can.

I wish you peace and happiness on your journey. “This too shall pass” (but sometimes not quick enough eh??)   😉


Warmest Regards


Person Centred



My training, qualifications & experience

Relate Cert CC (Couple Counselling)
Diploma in Psychosexual Therapy
Certificate in Education

How to make an appointment with me…

I hold face-to-face, telephone or skype sessions. Choose the right one for you and simply get in touch

And please read my cancellation policy

£65 per one-hour session – For Individuals, Couples or Psychosexual Therapy

£325 for a course of six (one hour) sessions (paid in advance). This is the most popular method of paying as you pay for 5 sessions and get the 6th session free!

£90 per one and a half hour session – For Individuals, Couples or Psychosexual Therapy


£125 for a two-hour session for Individuals, Couples Counselling or Psychosexual  Therapy

£60 for a one-hour Telephone/Skype/Zoom session for Individuals, Couples Counselling or Psychosexual Therapy

£300 for a course of six telephone, Zoom or WhatsApp, one-hour sessions (paid in advance)

£35 for half an hour session for Children and Young People, or a half-hour consultation

Talk to Julie

Let’s talk about…

Affairs and betrayals
Anger management
Anorexia nervosa
Asperger’s syndrome
Attachment disorder
Binge-eating disorder
Bipolar disorder/Manic depression
Body dysmorphic disorder
Bulimia nervosa
Carer support
Child related issues
Chronic fatigue syndrome/ME
Chronic pain
Compulsive hoarding
Couples issues
Cross cultural relationships
Domestic violence
Drug abuse
Eating disorders
Emotional abuse
Family issues
Gender dysphoria
Generalised anxiety disorder
Internet addiction
Learning difficulties
Low self-confidence
Low self-esteem
Narcissistic abuse
Narcissistic victim syndrome
Obsessive compulsive disorder
Panic disorder
Domestic violence
Drug abuse
Eating disorders
Emotional abuse
Family issues
Gender dysphoria
Generalised anxiety disorder
Internet addiction
Learning difficulties
Low self-confidence
Low self-esteem
Narcissistic abuse
Narcissistic victim syndrome
Obsessive compulsive disorder
Panic disorder
Passive aggressive behaviour
Personality disorders
Physical abuse
Post-traumatic stress disorder
Postnatal depression
Pre-nuptial counselling
Pregnancy and birth
Relationship issues
Seasonal affective disorder
Self harm
Separation and divorce
Sex addiction
Sex problems
Sexual abuse
Suicidal thoughts
Terminal illness
Tourette’s syndrome
Work related stress

Feedback from my clients…

I should have done something years ago, but I guess being a man you think you can work things out for yourself. (Big mistake.)

After a life achieving reasonable sporting and business success, during which I drove myself too hard, and psychologically “beat myself up” when not attaining perfection, I lapsed into a state of very low self-esteem and depression.

Two failed marriages, and other ultimately unhappy relationships, saw the light at the end of the tunnel totally extinguished.

Then I did something which turned out to be very special, I found Julie and started working with her on putting things back together.

She turned out to be the most wonderful, professional, kind, non-judgemental therapist, I wish I had turned to years ago.

Julie has a style all of her own, listening, empathetic, caring, intuitive, warm and positive.

Working with her over several weeks, including Skype during the current crisis, she has worked miracles, repaired my ego and self-esteem, and basically given me back positivity and purpose in my life.

I cannot recommend Julie highly enough, and if you are thinking therapy may help you, don’t delay as I did, but talk to Julie now.


April 2020

Having been to Julie three times at crisis points in my life, I can recommend her as a most effective counsellor in times of trouble.
She has the right qualities of sympathy and kindness which makes it possible to have the confidence to confide in her wholeheartedly.
She offers non-judgemental counselling, and asks intuitive questions which helps with the process of emotional healing.  She also offers clear, practical strategies which help you to move forward with your life.
The warmth and informality of the sessions made me feel that she was not only a counsellor but a friend.

February 2020

Choosing a counsellor that’s right for you can be a challenge, but I couldn’t be happier that I was fortunate enough to land on Julie’s doorstep (although I’m sure she might feel differently 🤣).

Julie is a beautiful person, both inside and out, and not enough words will ever be able to thank her for being there for me in some very dark and difficult times. She is exceptionally knowledgeable and experienced but her most endearing quality is that she genuinely cares. She has a huge heart and has an overwhelming desire to help and support anyone who asks.

Julie has taught me so much about myself which has enabled me to grow as a person, enabling me to become a better person as I continue my journey.

One of the many quotes in Julie’s room reads ‘Storms make trees grow deeper roots’ and I genuinely couldn’t recommend Julie enough to support anyone going through their own storm right now.


January 2020

I’ve just come through probably the worst period of my entire life which I found devastating. I’ve always known that when you have a problem, you need to talk about it, but as a man I’ve found that so difficult. Julie was recommended to me as someone who could help, and I’m so glad I went to see her. Her skill at helping me think things through, challenge myself and change to be a far better person was outstanding, and I couldn’t have done it without her.

I would unreservedly recommend her to anyone faced with life’s challenges.

She is exceptionally intelligent, very funny, absolutely gorgeous, makes brilliant coffee and has a bizarre cat!


I have worked with Julie on a professional level for over 13 years. I met her when she helped me many years ago.

I highly recommend her for those of you who want a safe, accepting, warm space to explore the challenges you are facing in your life. When choosing a counsellor the connection is important – and I guarantee Julie is one of those unique individuals who will hear and accept you, yet lead you gently to create your own solutions.

I can also recommend Julie to help  your children with their mental health – I have personally witnessed the care and love she shows with my own child and would not hesitate to use her in the future.

Rachael Alexander

Director, Courage Queen

A couple of years ago, when faced with a series of unexpected difficulties in my personal life, I had a number of sessions with Julie, with the hope that the sessions would bring me a level of reassurance about my ability to cope. At the time, my work with Julie really helped stabilise me, enabling me to feel much more optimistic.

I now see that my work with Julie was a strong investment in myself which I now see will reap dividends in my emotional wellbeing and happiness for life.


Julie and I have worked in Relate Hull and East Yorkshire for over 20 years and as colleagues in psychosexual therapy for the past 10 years. Over this latter period I have also been her clinical supervisor so have been able to have a deep insight into her work and skills. Not only do I recommend her as a counsellor and therapist, but I have learned much from her that has benefitted my own practice. So I can strongly commend Julie to anyone thinking of consulting her.
Arthur Makel

Clinical and Psychosexual Therapy Supervisor

Get in touch

To get in touch you can email, phone me, send me a text or use the form

07734 310059

Westwood Road Beverley

I am committed to preserving the privacy of my clients and website visitors. Please read my privacy policy which explains how I use and protect the information that you provide.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Sometimes, counselling sessions or other events have to be cancelled or rearranged. Here I set out my cancellation and refund policy. This policy applies to all my services.

Late arrival/missed sessions

In-person appointments

As I book appointments at specific times, I could not see you if you arrive outside of the agreed times. So, if you arrive early, I would ask you to wait until your appointment time. Similarly, if you arrive late, I cannot extend the session to compensate. If you are over 15 minutes late and have not contacted me, I will assume you are not coming and will consider that cancellation without notice.

Online/telephone appointments

Where we are to meet online or by telephone, I will call you (unless we agreed on something different) when the session is due to start. If the call is unanswered, I will try again a few moments later. If the second attempt fails, I would ask you to contact me when you can take the call, but the session will still run from the scheduled time. If you have not contacted me within 15 minutes of the scheduled start, I also consider that cancellation without notice. The technology I use for online and telephone counselling is very robust and rarely fails. Where it does, I will do my best to offer the appointment using another communication method. If I cannot deliver the session, and it is my fault, I will not charge for the appointment. If I cannot deliver the session and it is not my fault I will usually charge for the session.


I operate a 48-hour cancellation policy. If you cancel an appointment over 48 hours in advance, I will not charge you for the missed session. If you cancel after that, or if you cannot attend, you will still need to pay for the appointment as I have committed the time.

Exceptional circumstances

I recognise that emergencies happen, even if they are rare. If you know that you might not make an appointment, please let me know when you book it. I will try to be more accommodating in such circumstances. Similarly, if a genuine emergency prevented you from attending, and also from letting me know, I could consider waiving the fee or charging a reduced fee.

Should you repeatedly make and cancel appointments, I might ask for a non-refundable pre-payment.

If I cancel

Occasionally, circumstances might prevent me from delivering a session as agreed. I will give you as much notice as possible if this happens. I will not charge you for appointments I cancel and will do my best to re-book at a time that best suits you.

If you have pre-paid for a block of sessions and I am unable to see you then I will refund you pro rata.

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